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Peter King needs some therapy

Regardless of what you think of Brian Cushing and his positive test for a banned substance the fact is that those who vote for the DROY award have spoken and they once again awarded Cush the award.

Still that is not enough for the insufferable Peter King



Take a pill will you for Christ sakes!

Peter King definitely needs some help...

King and his minions seem to miss the Pandora's box this opens up by just re-voting without a firm policy in place. If there were rules in place for this sort of situation then I would have been fine with the re-vote.

There would have been a mechanism in place to address it.

This isn't about Cushing or USC...This isn't about supporting Cush just because this is a Trojan centric blog. I don't even care about Cush's explanation.This is about covering the bases and doing it right.

When two other players testing positive for banned substances who subsequently won the exact same award didn't go through this charade then it shows the voters don't take their roles seriously and that it is pretty hypocritical to change the rules mid-steam. If the voters for the various post season awards want to change the rules now then fine, build a consensus, publicize the rule change and implement it. But don't be reactionary...especially since the voters had two other opportunities to address this same issue in previous years.

And don't whine about it...

Do your freaking job as a voter to protect the sanctity of the award that you so desperately want to be affiliated with.

This is just like the voting in the polls...most of these guys literally just mail it in. They don't do any research and when they get burned they look even more foolish because they didn't fix the problem when they had the opportunity the previous two times that it happened.

I would have been fine if Cush was stripped of the award. I would have been fine if the voters picked someone else in the re-vote (even though I was against it) but for Peter King to moan on and on like spoiled child makes them all look foolish.

Change the fucking rule or suck it up when you get burned.

I could care less if any of these guys do 'roids. It is their body. This isn't like drinking and driving, this isn't like blowing Coke, dropping a hit of acid or smoking weed then getting behind the wheel of a car.

Yes, there have been some occurances of 'roid rage where an innocent spouse or significant other was affected and abused, but there are plenty of people who beat their significant other when under the influence of some substance who never drive a car.

Like it or not, shit happens...

It isn't right and those people deserve some severe punishment, but you can't control everything that happens in every household. This righteous indignation that King is trying to float out there is nothing more than an attention grab. King acts like a victim.

Waaaaaahhhh...woe is me!

Christ, suck it up man...grow a pair.

The whole this is about the sanctity of the game mantra is a joke.

Kissing Suzy Kulber has an intriguing take...

I understand why they are frustrated. They fear the league has come untethered from its ethical moorings. However, these strong, well-intentioned feelings are based upon a false belief that steroids are cheating because they make you a bigger, faster, stronger, more resilient athlete. This is hogwash. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS STEROIDS!

Think about it. How can something you put into a needle make you play football better? We’re expected to believe that if you put some gloopy-glop in your heinie you magically turn into the next Joe DeLamielleure? It doesn’t make sense. This is "Real Life" not Science Fiction.

Don’t get me wrong, I favor a strong Drug Policy. If you want to smoke acid or pop Ludes, then there is no place for you in Sports and you should be banned for life. But don’t get roped into this Junk Science about steroids (a/k/a "magic pixie dust"). If you are smart enough to turn on a computer find this blog on the internet, then you are smart enough to use some Common Sense.

Think about it. If making a great football player was as easy as swallowing a pill or taking a shot, then why on earth would someone pay Brian Cushing or Schuawynne Merriman a gazillion dollars? If steroids really existed, owners wouldn’t go to the Combine to find talent– they’d go to Home Depot. There they could pick up a couple dozen day laborers and use their "magic steroids" to turn them into a team of Formidable Mexican Juggernauts who would play for forty bucks a game. But they don’t because THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS STEROIDS!

So chin up, Mr. King. The mainstream media is selling you a bill of goods with all this steroids mumbo-jumbo. I hope you realize it soon. Maybe tomorrow when you wake up, instead of feeling sick, you’ll be hankering for a good cup of joe.

I don't necessarily agree with everything written in this piece but the general tone is dead on. The fans don't care...they pay see guys run fast and hit hard. Players do this stuff because they know the owners will cut them loose at a moments notice so they want to grab every dollar they can because you can only maximize your earning potential in short period of time.

I mean its not like the league really gives a shit about the aren't buying that shit are you?

They have only ignored the plights of their retired veterans for decades. The league only recently started to give a damn about the concussion problem in the NFL.

Peter King may be an icon in this business but he needs to wake up. When the league starts looking out for their players well being then maybe people will actually give a shit about people using 'roids.

Otherwise, Peter King needs to sit down and shut up and try not to live up to all of my expectations...