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Pete Carroll speculates on the NCAA's upcoming findings...

From the SF Chronicle, via the Dan Patrick Show...

Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll was interviewed by Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show today, Tuesday. Patrick, to his credit, did not duck from asking Carroll several pointed questions about the NCAA's investigation into alleged NCAA rules violations at Carroll's last employer, The University of Southern California. Carroll said he would be "surprised" if the NCAA punished USC.

When has Pete Carroll ever had a negative thought?

On The Dan Patrick Show, Pete Carroll said there was much he did not know surrounding what went on at USC that led to the allegations. Carroll was head football coach at USC where he won two national championships, and several Pac-10 Championships. Carroll said "it's hard to control" every aspect of an athletic program.

So, his positive attitude is based on little knowledge of what is being alleged?

Look, I like Pete and there is no question that he will be unmatched in USC's history, but at this point it is best if he just doesn't comment on it at all. You can't say you would be surprised if there were sanctions and then say that you didn't know much about what went on in regards to the allegations. Pete Carroll was the captain of the ship so he has to take responsibility of what the NCAA hands down.

I am not concerned about what the sanctions will be. I will either be pleased or disappointed but I will still support the program no matter what. Life goes on, there is still a team to field and games to play. Even if the team has to operate under a diminished capacity they are still my team. I will always have some great memories of the Pete Carroll era.

I found this interesting...

What's interesting about The Dan Patrick Show interview of Pete Carroll is their promos leading up to it said nothing about asking Carroll about his possible role in the NCAA rules scandal. Yet, almost half of the interview consisted of questions and conversation about that issue. You could almost feel the energy come out of the room as the focus turned to the NCAA. Coach Carroll went from being energetic and happy to slow and somber in his speech. I wonder if he felt blindsided. It sure sounded that way.

Who knows...but he really shouldn't be surprised or feel blindsided. Pete can't expect people NOT to ask him about it.

Like I have said numerous times...I will be happy when it is finally over regardless of the outcome.