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It is amazing how people become a little more honest once they are out the door...

From Pete Carroll:

Carroll, now the Seattle Seahawks head coach, was in Austin to check out former Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy and Co. during the Texas Pro Day.

It didn’t take Carroll long to see that USC is light years behind Texas when it comes to facilities. Carroll’s comments will give USC recruiting rivals a nice quote to send to the nation’s top prospects.

“The facilities are terrific, especially coming from USC,” Carroll told Texas coach Mack Brown’s website. ” These are extraordinary facilities. I’ve had the pleasure of going through OU and Oklahoma State too, so to see how far off and how far behind USC is facilities-wise just harps on why they are building a new facilities building starting in the spring. It’s cool to be around it.

Nobody knows better than Pete the sad state affairs that are the USC football facilities.

I know SC is going to break ground soon on their new facilities but it never should have taken this long. There is plenty of alum money out there. I am surprised that more of it didn't flow back into the athletic dept.

I am not too concerned about recruits reading this either, facilities are only part of the battle...Oregon has great facilities too but I don't see any MNC trophies on their mantle.

Interesting quote regardless...