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Scott Wolf does it again...

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Let me set this up...

This whole thing about jersey numbers during spring practice is a waste of time. Nothing is solidified until fall ball anyway.

From Wolf's story in the DN yesterday (emphasis added).

It took seven spring practices before new USC coach Lane Kiffin visibly angered a player. But that came Tuesday when he stripped cornerback T.J. Bryant and wide receiver De'von Flournoy from wearing jersey No. 1.

"We had some numbers here that I don't know if they are deserved," Kiffin said. "No. 1 should be a dominant player."

Kiffin mentioned that former wide receiver Mike Williams wore No. 1. It was also worn by Keyshawn Johnson but Kiffin did not name him.


So educate me...


And this guy is the beat writer for the team AND he went to USC!

Unless Keyshawn wore it during his freshman season, I don't recall him ever wearing the #1.

Once again, Wolf is wrong. But then water is wet and the sun rises in the east.

He needs to bone up on his USC history