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A follow-up to the Rosario situation

Here is an update from the LAT...

Multiple sources close to the USC men's basketball program said no one on the staff has ever contacted Rutgers star guard Mike Rosario, either before the sophomore guard asked for a release recently or after.

This comes after a recent report out of New Jersey citing anonymous sources close to Rutgers stating the university will file tampering charges against USC regarding Rosario's potential transfer.

Rosario does have ties at USC, where his former St. Anthony High School teammate Jio Fontan transferred last winter after leaving Fordham University. But the report does not make clear how, if at all, USC may have tampered with Rosario, who led the team in scoring each of the past two seasons.

The report cited sources stating that tampering charges would not be filed against USC until Rutgers has hired a new coach. That could be soon. Fred Hill, the current coach, is expected to be fired Monday, but that process may not be finalized for several days, according to a report.


If this was a slam dunk then I am sure that the athletic department at Rutgers would have spelled it out as to just what the alleged infraction/tampering charge was.

Look, I get it SC is an easy target. Rosarios's high school buddy is already at USC. Rosario is clearly not happy with the goings on at Rutgers so he is looking to get out. Rutgers doesn't want to let him go because they wouldn't have much left so it doesn't surprise me that SC is an easy target.

I really don't care...If Rosario comes to SC then great. If not, no big deal. You can't worry about something you never had.

But there is clearly more to this story...