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GameDay Open Thread USC vs. Arizona

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So here we go...the final drive.

SC has an early start today in Tucson as they face the Wildcats. This is the game I really want to see but when I checked late last night it is not scheduled to be on here in the NYC area.

There really isn't much to offer up here. The team looks fatigued and they really have nothing to play for. What went from a promising season turned into a nightmare once the self-imposed sanctions were announced. The teams inability to play against the zone that just about every team threw our way made for some bad games. Sloppy play and the inability to hang onto big leads frustrated many of us too.

You have to hand it to these kids, they didn't quit...they just ran out of gas.

I am still not sold on Kevin O'Neill.

I realize he got thrown a bad hand with Garrett cutting loose of our recruiting class but just I don't think he is the guy for this job. I am not thrilled by his ambiguous statements about the staff. If they choose to go on their own then fine but they have done Gods work this season and if any of them want to stay then they should be allowed to do so.

Anyway, there will be plenty of time for analyze this once the season is over.

You can find the game online....HERE. Guess not..they pulled it.

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