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Kevin O'Neill non-committal on next years staff

This might be nothing, but it could be something. That this is even being brought up is intriguing to me...

With USC's season ending Saturday because of self-imposed sanctions, USC coach Kevin O'Neill was non-committal when asked if his coaching staff would return next season.

"I'm going to evaluate everything after the year," O'Neill said. "I told everyone when I got here I'd evaluate it then."

USC's three assistant coaches, Gib Arnold, Bob Cantu and Phil Johnson, are holdovers from previous coach Tim Floyd.

I wouldn't be surprised if O'Neill wanted to bring his own guys in. He really didn't have a choice but to keep Arnold, Cantu and Johnson on when he was hired on at such a late date. Keeping Floyd's coaches offered some stability and consistency with program as they navigated through all the turmoil when Tim Floyd resigned.

With SC's season ending Sunday O'Neill can step back take a breath and reevaluate what direction he wants to go. I would not be surprised if he lets all three go but I think he makes a mistake in regards to recruiting if he does let them go...Just my opinion.

Another interesting angle on this is whether or not Cantu and Johnson's testimony at the NCAA hearings last month has anything to do with O'Neill's public comments on this. You know they were going to support Tim Floyd no matter what. The AD may have sent orders down that they need to go if their testimony didn't fall in line with the school's position.

Purely speculation on my part but I would not be surprised it went down that way.

Again, it may be nothing, but I am more inclined to believe that there is something there.

I am still not sold on O'Neill. I am not saying he was the wrong person for the job. I understand that the self-imposed post season ban probably had something to do with the teams up and down play this season (depth was an issue too) but the body of work he put out there for us is incomplete to make a solid judgment on how O'Neill will succeed at SC.

Should be a fun off-season....