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Bryce Sounds Nice, But No Dice?

Many rumors are flying around the media waves that a possible destination for Bryce Brown, who recently left the Tennessee football program, would be USC.

Now before a move like that could even be done, Tennessee would have to grant Brown's permission to transfer to USC. I don't think Tennessee will even consider it because of the actions that we're done between the two schools earlier in the year. But let's say Tennessee does give Brown permission to USC, I would welcome him.

Sure, USC would be bombed by all of those media boneheads about this move. Maybe one will stir up a "USC paid him" rumor, but we can't pass on a stud who wants to play for this program.

Brown was the number one High School prospect for the 2009 class, according to Rivals, and the number one running back prospect in many other recruiting sites. He's 6-1, 220 pounds with 4.4 speed. He played last year for Tennessee behind starting back Montario Hardesty, but managed to rush for 460 yards in 101 attempts.

Brown could also add needed depth at the running back position. Our power backs, Allen Bradford and Stanley Havili, will play there last year this season. Marc Tyler will be playing as a junior, but has yet to prove to the staff and everyone else of the player everyone thought he would be. Tyler has been set back from the multiple injuries he has suffered since he came in as a freshman recovering from a broken leg.

If Brown does indeed transfer here, he would have to sit out for the season, but that's not the problem. Again, Tennessee would have to grant his transfer release. Another possible destination for Brown would be Kansas State, where his brother (who left the 'U') currently plays football. He still has the option to go back to playing football in Knoxville.

This blogger would like to see a player such as Bryce Brown's caliber to come play at USC. What do you think?