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Did Mike Garrett tweak Rick Neuheisel?

Rick Neuheisel was fired from Washington because he <em>lied </em>about participating in an office pool. (Photo Credit: New York Times)
Rick Neuheisel was fired from Washington because he lied about participating in an office pool. (Photo Credit: New York Times)

I realize I have been off the grid for a bit catching up on some work and generally taking a break from blogging before Spring Ball but that doesn't mean that I don't read what pops up in my feed reader.

This is interesting...

Garrett, who has begun penning a blog on the USC athletic site, appeared to have made not-so-subtle references to UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel and athletic director Dan Guerrero while discussing the NCAA Tournament.

< span id="more-12957">First, Garrett reiterated that no USC student-athlete, coach or staff member will take part in an NCAA pool because it is considered gambling.
"There have been several notable examples of college athletic department employees who have broken this rule, and we’re fortunate we have those examples to teach us all that the only way to do it is the right way. So our athletes and staff must act like Trojans and do the right thing, because it’s not worth jeopardizing eligibility or damaging reputations over a few dollars in a tournament bracket."


Neuheisel, of course, was fired by Washington in 2003 after lying about betting in an NCAA pool. Guerrero, meanwhile, is the chairman of the NCAA selection committee.

I honestly don't know what to think of this.

I guess I can buy into Garrett making sure that members of the athletic department do not participate in NCAA pools. With all the other issues in regards to the NCAA investigations better make sure there is a zero tolerance policy in order to make sure that no one does something stupid.

I am not so sure that he is taking a shot at Slick Rick more than he is insinuating the bad example Slick Rick's choices were. But if Garrett is taking a shot at him then I have no problem with it. I mean Slick Rick is the poster boy of bad behavior. He was OFFICIALLY sanctioned by the NCAA for his recruiting violations when he the head coach of both UW and Colorado. He is a known liar...he was fired because he lied about his participation in the pool...even if it was determined that the firing was considered wrongful termination culminating in four million dollar settlement for Slick Rick split between UW and the NCAA.

As for his other comments in the article supposedly about UCLA AD Dan each his own.