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Tommy Trojan's Tidbits (3/22/2010)


Well it looks like we're going to settle for this title. Onwards to make a permanent picture. Anyway, spring break at USC is over and the boys are back in town. Eight days until spring football 2010, can it come any sooner?
  • Ben Malcolmson of's Rips It Blog, presents his Spring Practice Primer, which is a position-by-position preview. Here's the link to the offensive line, later he will post on linebackers.
  • Speaking about previews, Michael Lev of the OC Register previews the wide receiver position. Kevin Carden of previews running backs.
  • If you haven't heard already, the 2010 spring USC Football Prospectus is out.
  • Joey posted some of it yesterday, but Pete Carroll came back yesterday and spoke in Santa Monica. He spoke to and shed's light on the hearings that took place last month and then some.
  • Don't know if this has already been posted, but Gib Arnold (former USC assistant) is now the head coach at Hawaii. Good for him. The media frenzy at the Arnold Announcement certainly was overwhelming.
  • Dan Weber of thoroughly analyzes spring football 2010.
  • De'Anthony Thomas, along with other top 2011 HS prospects, visited Westwood this weekend. Though it was more positive for the Cardinal and Gold than the Baby blue and yellow.