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NCAA Tournament Day 4 Open Thread

We've been a little quiet here on the site regarding the NCAA Tournament, especially considering USC's postseason ban and the lack of Pac-10 participants - just Cal and Washington. Nonetheless, with Washington's win over New Mexico last night, earning them a trip to the Sweet Sixteen, and Northern Iowa's shocking upset over top seeded Kansas, even the most loyal of Trojan fans can get a little mad for March. So on tap today is some intriguing games with some two-seeds (Ohio State and West Virginia) facing some challenging underdogs. But for most 'SC fans, the game with the most relevance is conference regular season champion Cal facing number-one seeded Duke in Jacksonville, Florida, where the Blue Devils will most certainly have an edge in crowd size. Still, a win by the Bears would give the Pac-10 two teams in the Sweet 16, and even with Syracuse's win over Gonzaga, there is no guarantee that the Big East will even get that many.

So, Fight On! And Go Bears!

11:20 AM - (10) Georgia Tech vs. (2) Ohio State
11:30 AM - (5) Michigan State vs. (4) Maryland
11:40 AM - (10) Missouri vs. (2) West Virginia
11:50 AM - (12) Cornell vs. (4) Wisconsin
1:50 PM - (6) Xavier vs. (3) Pittsburgh
2:00 PM - (5) Texas A&M vs. (4) Purdue
2:15 PM - (8) California vs. (1) Duke