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Saints Win Super Bowl But Bush Not a Big Factor

Sunday night, the NFL's New Orleans Saints wrapped up an impressive 31-17 win over the Indianapolis Colts to clinch their first ever Super Bowl, and thus, causing Bourbon Street to explode in pandemonium. But thousands of miles away here on the left coast in Los Angeles, many USC football fans joined the "Who Dat Nation" in celebration as former Trojan running back Reggie Bush played a role in the team's victory.

But even with so many members of the Trojan Family celebrating Bush's contribution toward the Saints' Super Bowl win, I can't help but sit back and laugh. Personally, I would consider myself a fan of the Heisman Trophy winner. After growing up a USC football fan in Los Angeles while watching the Trojans reel off 34 straight victories with Bush in the backfield, how could I not be? But nevertheless, the fact that so many Trojan fans are running around Southern California proclaiming that "Reggie won the Super Bowl" is a tad bit misleading.

In all honesty, Bush was hardly a factor in the game. There were no breathtaking punt returns. No breakaway touchdown runs. No highlight reel jukes. By all accounts, it was a rather vanilla performance by number twenty-five, and you don't have to go further than the stat sheet to understand that. Take a look:

  • 5 carries, 25 yards, 5.0 yards/carry, 0 touchdowns (Bush actually averaged 3.25 yards/carry if you subtract his one long run of 12 yards)
  • 4 receptions, 38 yards, 9.5 yards/catch, 0 touchdowns
  • 1 punt return, 4 yards
Is that the kind of "big impact," Trojan fans are claiming Bush had? 63 total yards of offense? While New Orleans' other running back Pierre Thomas didn't have a particularly great performance (just 30 yards on 9 carries), I wouldn't classify Bush as having a big impact on the outcome of the game. As a fellow Trojan, I want him to do well, but for me to sit back and act like Bush led the Saints to the Super Bowl is just crazy. The idea that so many fans are acting like that just happened is rather bizarre. So before you get all crazy, let's try to relax, sit back, and keep a proper perspective on things. We can still be fans; just not crazy ones.

Fight On!