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Marquis Jackson Flips Back to USC

I knew the Family ties would be too strong to ignore...(emphasis added)

After a topsy-turvy final week of recruiting that saw Marquis Jackson go from a UCLA commit, to a possible USC lean, back to a firm UCLA commitment, the College of the Canyons standout defensive lineman plans to sign a letter of intent with the USC Trojans tomorrow.

Jackson, whose brother Malik plays for the Trojans, did not sign a letter of intent with the Bruins today, and claimed he was going to take another day or two to think about his options, before pausing and saying, "To be honest, I'm going to USC."

"My mom was okay with me going to UCLA," Jackson said when asked if it was an issue of splitting up the family between the Trojans and Bruins. "But after putting some thought into it, USC was the better choice."

"I want to play with my brother," said Jackson,
who will add another body to the Trojans' defensive line in 2010. "I called the USC coaches and said I was going there and they told me they would get me the paperwork."

Now there will be those from across town who will say it was grades. Jackson did have some grade issues. He wanted to play at ucla and chart his own path...but the heart strings were just too tough to ignore.

This is a good pick up for SC we need some help on the D line...Garry P said in the linked thread, this was a practical move.

Welcome Marquis!