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Lane Kiffin rises to the challenge signs one of USC's best classes

Editors Note - Julio and I collaborated on this together...P

"I think as it goes to recruiting and our philosophy, we're going to go anywhere to get the best players that there are, and we've got to find dynamic, explosive play makers. We've got to find guys that you've seen here for years and years and years that change the game."

Lane Kiffin

January 13, 2010

What a wild day!

What started off as a surprise, ended with a huge bang. From taking Nickell Robey from the state of Florida to fans watching the biggest fish in Seantrel Henderson putting on a USC hat.

This is a great class!

How could it not be?

With the threat of possible NCAA sanctions, the beat down that Lane Kiffin and staff took from the media for the past three weeks, I think they did a pretty good job in holding the bulk of this class together. Kiffin and Co. didn't hit one out of the park; nevertheless, this is still one hell of a class. Pete Carroll left us wondering whether his recruits would bolt out of their commitments, but Kiffin stood strong and kept them intact.

This has to be the best offensive class USC has had for awhile.

We picked up a few and lost a few. We had our highs and complimented them with lows. You never get everyone you want, but you always pickup a surprise along the way. Coach O said it best:

"The guy you don't get could be a blessing in disguise."

Team chemistry is so important. The new staff should not interfere with that.

I think this is what Kiffin needed to set the tone. You knew he would come out firing but you could not have thought that he would blow the doors off. There wasn't enough time to really get to know some of these kids, but boy did he do a great job today.

A lot of these kids were coming to USC because it was USC. Yes, some wanted to play for Pete Carroll, but that has its issues as well. A program is bigger than its coach. It is only part of the package. Kiffin brought the same energy Pete had and he knows the NFL. Some recruits will see the benefit of coming to USC. Kiffin is here to build his own history at USC and not continue Pete's.

I also think that some of the national media downplaying USC, or writing us off, is not a bad thing. Let Kiffin fly under the radar and get some things done. Actions speak louder than words, after all. He still has to get the rest of his offensive staff in place. I think it is pretty amazing that we had such a great haul on offense without having an offensive coordinator.

There are some who want to make a big deal out of UCLA's class, I won't, and you should not either. Sooner or later, the Bruins were going to put together a great class; however, NOBODY wins in February. You win on the field and as far as I know, winning hasn't been consistent with the school from Westwood. Rick Neuheisel was able to pull it off because Pete had left. That's fine. When opportunity knocks, you have to jump at it. Congratulations, Rick.

Kiffin can now take a breather and round out his staff and get ready for spring ball.

Gentlemen, this is only the beginning. Kiffin has showed USC fans alike that he is not afraid to go after the prospects on top. He will land one from Florida, Texas, anywhere.

As is the motto of Britain's famed Special Air Service...

Who Dares, Wins!