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USC falls to Oregon State 49-44

I realize this team has been through a lot this season.

After all the turmoil in the off-season, losing a whole recruiting class, being picked to finish 9th in the Pac-10 and then having Mike Garrett essentially pull the plug on any shot at the post season you have to give these kids credit for hanging in there as long as they did this season. They stared down the barrel of a gun and came up with some great performances.

With that being said...

After 27 this games this season how can this team still not have any answers for the zone defense?

USC was throwing the ball around like it was spring throwing drills on Howard Jones Field. I love these kids for standing up to all they have been through and making a season of it but they have no confidence to drive the lane against the zone. There were waaaaay too many 3-point attempts in this game. There way too many turnovers...again. Free throw shooting was atrocious and a ton of terrible fouls.

I realize this team is not deep but Kevin O'Neill has to make the most out what he has but can we please throw the ball up when they are the 1-3-1 zone? Put Kid Euro or Alex back there and let them bang!

29% shooting?


I guess I can't really be all that upset...this team did overachieve this season when you consider the mountain they had to climb but that doesn't mean I am happy with the results on the floor. Nobody was consistent tonight. Kid Euro and MJ were non factors tonight. Stepheson had some spark early but nothing really in the second half. Gerrity was like 4-12 and he looked rattled trying to work the zone. Lewis had a tough night as well.

O'Neill needs to figure out the zone...he has the players to do it so why isn't he coaching it?

It doesn't get any easier as the last 2 games of the season on the road.

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