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Post-Game Open Thread: Oregon 55 USC 44

Fortunately, I was covering the women's water polo game tonight for the Daily Trojan so I missed this one, and from the sound of things, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

'SC led 32-23 at halftime, but things fell apart in the second half as Oregon reverted to a zone defense that all but stopped the Trojans' offensive attack. The Trojans recored just 12 points in the second half, and when the final stats were calculated, their shooting percentage was just 32.8% from the field.

To make matters worse, 'SC also had 16 turnovers to go along with just 9 assists. Not exactly great numbers for a team that once had a chance to win the Pac-10 regular season title.

Coupling their defeat with Cal's victory over Arizona, USC is officially eliminated from the conference title race, which is just another reason to have a few extra drinks tonight.

But even still, Fight On!