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The Insanity of the NCAA

So, while the NCAA was busy meeting with USC for three days of testimony in what one NCAA investigator called the longest heraing in his eleven years, it would appear that the University of Oregon was itself having a tough time interpreting or enforcing the NCAA's rule book.

LaMichael James cannot attend classes on the University of Oregon campus or receive tutoring at the new Jaqua Center, a Lane County judge ruled Monday.

The court also learned James had been released to stay with someone in violation of NCAA rules.

James is barred from going within two miles of campus under the jail release agreement he signed after being arrested on misdemeanor fourth degree assault, strangulation and harassment charges. James pleaded not guilty to all the charges.


It was not immediately clear how the ruling will affect James’ NCAA eligibility to play football. An athletic department spokesman said he would look into the issue.

A separate NCAA issue also came up in court because the court-approved person James is staying with is an athletic department employee. That is violation of NCAA rules.

Dave Williford said the university approached the Pac 10 with the arrangement before James was released from jail. He said the matter was forward to the NCAA, which found the arrangement was a violation, afterward. They have applied for a waiver that would allow James to stay with the athletic department employee.

Now, the wording in this article may be confusing but it is pretty clear to me as I am sure that pursuant to NCAA wishes UO asked that the arrangement be cleared only to have to have the NCAA come back later and say it was a violation.

And they wonder why people think they are an outdated draconian organization.

Will the NCAA now sanction themselves?

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