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Lane Kiffin's Post UCLA Conference Call

<em>Season One of the Lane Kiffin era at USC is officially in the books...</em>
Season One of the Lane Kiffin era at USC is officially in the books...

This is the final post game conference call of the season.

Kiffin UCLA Call.

Here are a few of the high points from WeAreSC.

* Anytime you play your biggest rival, a school you recruit against, it's always important to get the win. With that being said, it was really good to finish the way we did, in style. it was good to see the offense finish things off and not have to rely on the defense or special teams.

* (Barkley) It was an up and down year for him, kind of like the whole team. He matured from last year, 26 TD's is not bad when you miss a game and a half, but there is a lot of work to be done in the off-season. It's important to remember how young he is, none of the QB's we had during our time here before had played yet at a similar point in their career, they all sat and watched and learned before they were thrown in there.


* (would you rather have practice time for a bowl or use this time for recruiting) - no doubt we would rather be practicing for a bowl because we would still be able to recruit at the same time. We don't have that bowl practice though, it's another part of the sanctions that hurts us because we could really use that practice time. We're trying to focus on the positive by using that extra time on recruiting.

* (how many recruits will be early enrollees) - I'd like to bring in 45. It will end up being 9 or 10 guys, it's easier said than done though. Most schools bring in 1 or 2 in spring but for those players who come in it can give them a huge opportunity to learn things to help for next year.

Even though the season did end on the high note of beating UCLA I would hardly call the season a successful one.

The defense took too long to to come together and the offense regressed after all the promise we saw in the early part of the season. The two units reversed roles.

I will have more thoughts on this later this week in my post-football season wrap-up.