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Allen Bradford goes out with a bang!

How can you not be happy for Allen Bradford.

You saw the video in my fan shot earlier today. That is one mature man.

I hope he really excels at the next level.

He has been on this team since I started this site and we have all wondered if or when he was actually going to be "the guy" on this team.

We saw flashes of him early on only to then lose him for long periods of time. At this point the reasons are unimportant, we have discussed them too many times to count and we all have differing opinions as to why.

I remember when our old friend Lonobird would spar with us here about why AB didn't start over other backs then last night HP said on Twitter that if Kiffin had started AB more 'SC might be 10-3...

That is the enigma that is Allen Bradford.

Regardless, he had a great night last night as he closed out his USC career.

After five years of frustration, USC's senior tailback finished his career with a performance that will become part of the lore of the USC- UCLA rivalry.

Bradford rushed for 212 yards and a touchdown and also scored on a long touchdown pass play to lead USC to a 28-14 victory over the Bruins on Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

"I couldn't have dreamed it, but I'm glad it happened," Bradford said. "To go down in history like this, just to top off my career, I couldn't ask for a better stage."

All that promise...all that frustration.

It is in the past now but we will remember his 2010 season for the ups and the downs.

Bradford was always one of the fans favorites. We heard time and again from Pete Carroll how great he was doing in practice only to seldom if ever see him on the field. The glut and backlog of running backs that PC collected like loose change made it difficult for Bradford to see the field.

This year he had some memorable performances and then he disappeared. Ball control was the issue...put it on the turf and you ride the bench. Lane Kiffin needed to send a message, instill some discipline, so Bradford sat.

Last night he made us forget all of that.

I could not be happier for him...he will be missed.

UPDATE:...Here are some highlights of AB from 2010.