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Post-Game Thread: USC 28 UCLA 14

<em>I swear, there wasn't a picture of Allen Bradford available. </em>
I swear, there wasn't a picture of Allen Bradford available.

In what could otherwise be interpreted as a bit of an understatement, USC's final game of the season wasn't pretty. There were a combined 13 penalties for over 100 hundred yards, as well as five turnovers. Matt Barkley completed just 58% of his passes, with two interceptions. And once again, USC's defense surrendered a touchdown in the waning moments.

But regardless of the multitude of issues that presented themselves over the course of 60 minutes, the end result was rather familiar: a 28-14 victory for USC with Tusk blaring in the background - the program's 10th win over the Bruins in the past 11 games. That, no matter the circumstances, is something to celebrate.

It's certainly been an irritating season all in all, and an even more painful last six months stemming from the NCAA sanctions handed down in June.

Tonight's game wasn't particularly comforting. If you watched at least five minutes, you know what I mean. Barkley didn't appear anything close to 100% and there were plays where the team simply appeared clueless and lost.

Yet, what was possibly the notable result from tonight's outcome was Allen Bradford's performance. The senior tailback finished with 212 yards on 28 carries with two total touchdowns, in which was one of the best games of his college career.

His performance, however, makes you wonder why he wasn't utilized more throughout the season. Granted, he did have a bit of a fumbling issues, but from my perspective, he was kept in the doghouse far too long, and that rests on Kiffin's shoulders. But to the coach's credit, he admitted as much during the post-game interview. It's unfortunate, but nonetheless, it was a pleasant site to see Bradford cap off his career conducting the marching band after a 200-yard performance.

Disconcerting issues aside, however, this team was a few late minute defensive lapses aside from being 11-2 and posted yet another win over Slick Rick.

As Matt Barkley just put it, quoting Rihanna nonetheless, "we run this town tonight."

Such sentiments couldn't be more true. Los Angeles is still a Trojan town and that was plainly evident tonight.