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NFLPA Revokes Agent Certification of Teague Egan

Update #1: Here's a statement from the NFLPA

The NFLPA's Committee on Agent Regulation and Discipline (CARD) revoked the Certification of NFLPA Contract Advisor Teague Egan today for violating numerous provisions of the NFLPA's Agent Regulations when he provided an improper benefit under NCAA rules by giving University of Southern California player Dillon Baxter a ride in his company's golf cart, resulting in Baxter being suspended for USC's game against Oregon State in November. He did so after being advised by USC officials the week before that giving such rides was an improper benefit under NCAA rules. He also is alleged to have placed misleading information on his agency's website about his relationship with a Southern California attorney.


Well, it appears as if the NFLPA has now come to the realization that it probably shouldn't certify college students as agents, whether they've "represented" Sam Adams or not. Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson tweeted the following within the last hour.

The NFLPA is also revoking the agent certification of USC undergrad Teague Egan, who was involved in the golf cart incident w/ USC players.less than a minute ago via Mobile Web

The NFLPA has also admitted that Egan should never have been certified to begin with, which evidently, was a pretty tough conclusion to form.

Source also says Teague Egan never should have been certified by the NFLPA to represent prospective NFL players. Hence revocation.less than a minute ago via Mobile Web

Good decision by the NFLPA, albeit an obvious one.