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The ultimate in hypocrisy

I give you Dan Wetzel...

Here is Wetzel in 2006:

It is no surprise that Reggie Bush and his family cashed in on his future earnings during his Heisman Trophy career at USC, as so many allege. Finding eager agents willing to pay for an edge on representing him was easy; they were all over the place at the loose ship known as Trojan Football.

Yes, Reggie took the money.....later on. But it was his Dad that got the ball rolling.

This is Wetzel today:

This isn’t to wholly excuse Cecil Newton, although some will misconstrue it as such. Fans, understandably, just want the games to go on, the excitement to continue, the system to churn. Not everyone is a fan though. And everyone should agree the NCAA rulebook shouldn’t be the final arbitrator on morality.

Cecil’s actions clearly put his son in a tough position. He risked this fallout. He could’ve gone down a different path. He also didn’t do anything that should damage his family relationships.

What are all these rules? Who made them? Who agreed to them? Who is the NCAA? And if the NCAA doesn’t care to enforce its own rules, then what are they really worth in the first place?

Exactly why should Cam Newton, who is worth millions to a university, whose jersey is being sold all over the school website, who fills stadiums and boosts television ratings, be asked to play football for just room, board and tuition; an amount far below his market value?

Why? Because the NCAA says he should.


You could say the same thing about LaMar Griffin.

As for the NCAA's arcane rules, where was Wetzel's outrage in 2006?

I will leave you to draw your own conclusions, but remember one thing....

Wetzel has been taken down before with his shoddy piece on John Wooden a few years back. This is same writer who was speculated to have been taken off the Bush story because of his alleged shoddy journalistic ethics.

So his soft pedaling of the Newton Situation is a complete joke.