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Post-Game Thread: USC 60 Northern Arizona 52

Donte Smith had 22 points during Saturday's eight-point win over Northern Arizona. Now, let that sink in.

The Galen Center scene wasn't pretty this afternoon, and that may even be a bit of an understatement. NAU featured a zone defense that largely prevented USC from doing anything on the offensive end of the floor.

Outside of Smith's 22 points, the next closest was Nikola Vucevic, who recorded 13 points, the only other player to finish in double-figures.

They shot 39.6 percent from the field and led just 38-35 late in the second half, but luckily, Smith got hot and the team escaped with the win, advancing to 6-4 overall on the year with just three games remaining on the nonconference slate (at Kansas, at Tennessee, Lehigh).

There's not a whole lot to take away from a win from a team from the Big Sky conference, but the point remains, they got a victory when a loss was certainly not out of the equation.

For the time being, the team has a week off before taking its now two-game winning streak to unbeaten, No. 4-ranked Kansas, which is currently in the midst of a 64-game home winning streak.

But the Trojans will be joined by the now-eligible Jio Fontan, who will be playing in his first game since Nov. 22, 2009.

Head coach Kevin O'Neill has called Fontan USC's most talented player, and the team's best leader.

Time will tell, but hopefully he can in fact serve as Mike Gerrity 2.0.