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USC Compliance goes Hi-Tech with a new recruiting database

I like the effort and it shows that 'SC is taking their new found compliance serious but I am not sure of how effective this will really be...

Using cutting-edge technology from FieldLevel, Inc., the USC Athletic Department has implemented a revolutionary web-based software system that gives coaches improved communications with recruits, instant warnings of potential recruiting violations, real-time compliance reports, and immediate oversight by school officials.

All 19 NCAA varsity teams at USC are now using the software from FieldLevel, an emerging technology company based in Santa Monica. The private firm—which rolled out its coach-friendly recruiting software earlier this year—already has more than 50 college teams using its program, establishing FieldLevel as a leader in its field.

"FieldLevel is at the forefront of athletic management software," said USC Athletic Director Pat Haden, "The feedback from our coaches, compliance officers, and administrators has been very positive. Moving forward, we have great infrastructure for cohesiveness and efficiency."

The software program, called FieldLevel Team, can be accessed on any computer or cell phone. It provides coaches with a centralized database that tracks all communications with recruits and is programmed to warn coaches of potential recruiting violations—such as excessive phone calls—before they happen. The software generates detailed compliance reports for the school and the NCAA from the collected information.

This is the classic situation of garbage in and garbage out.

Just like anything else, the system is reliant on completeness and honesty.

As we have seen in the past, there are plenty of coaches who will skirt the rules. It doesn't take much for someone to leave out pertinent information that could be red flagged by this platform.

Anyway, I am not going to get too crazy with this..the school is making a concerted effort to keep things on the up and up and that is a plus, but technology is not the final answer, it is merely another tool to use...people following the rules or thinking before they actually act is what will keep programs out of trouble.