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USC 34 ASU 33...and it was ugly

Well, this game had it all.

Blocked Punts.

Three missed field goals....two for USC, one for ASU

A kick off return for a TD.

A blocked PAT that turned into a 2-point conversion going the other way for USC.

And not one, but TWO pick-6's.

What did I miss.............?

I don't know what to say.

Short of ASU's first drive, the USC defense played a pretty good game in the first half tonight. In the second half, they had a trouble defending ASU's screen and ASU's zone read package. Monte Kiffin didn't really adjust or have an answer for ASU's adjustments in the 2nd half. The USC defense played on pure will...even though the tackling got spotty as the game wore on.

I don't even want to talk about the offense.

Mark Tyler and Stanley Havili are the reason we won this game. Dillon Baxter was is clear he still thinks he is in high school with all his juking and jiving looking for a hole instead of just plowing forward. He is still learning, I know, and I think he learned a thing or two tonight because if Tyler is out next week D-Bax is going to get a lot of touches. Bradford is pretty much a no show with his lack of ball control.

The passing game was non existent tonight. Barkley had Woods open on USC's very first play from scrimmage but overthrew him by four yards.

After that it was unremarkable.

I think it's time to really give Matt Barkley some serious scrutiny. As Zoulou said in the comments...does Matt Barkley suddenly hit the wall after six games? Sure the play calling got conservative and head scratching at times but Barkley needs to make better progress than this. Ausberry should have made that catch that resulted in the Pick-6 but Barkley also threw it a little high.

Barkley is just not improving his accuracy and he is still making horrible decisions when things break down like the INT after USC blocked the punt. The throw was behind the receiver and it was in that was two instances where Barkley prevented the offense from scoring points...the other is the Woods overthrow.

I will leave it there for now...there is plenty of time to dissect it in the coming days.

I know a win is a win, but jeez........

Rant away here, this our post game thread.