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Dillon Baxter is looking to make his mark

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We have seen flashes of of what could be with Dillon Baxter. He is a tremendous talent that some feel can have an even bigger career than Reggie Bush.

We have also seen his immaturity off the field that has cost him some playing time.

Lane Kiffin benched Baxter for the season opener against Hawaii...he didn't even make the trip to the islands. It appears that Baxter has righted the ship and he is ready to play a much bigger role in the offense, but those early missteps cost him some valuable playing time...

One of the constant questions during USC's football season is when freshman tailback Dillon Baxter will finally show the promise that captured many fans' attention last spring.

No one is more frustrated by the question than Baxter himself.

"I'll have a big game," Baxter said Wednesday. "Man, it's been class. I had to get that straight. I wasn't missing classes. I was just late."

Baxter, who sprained his toes on his left foot against Stanford, said he is "99.8 percent" recovered.

You've got to earn it. Its a whole new ball game at isn't just going to be handed to Baxter.

We were all wowed in the spring with this run by Baxter...

We have also seen some flashes in some games.

Baxter has a chance to make his move for next season right now but he has to make every touch for the rest of the season count. He has a chance to be the featured back. Lets hope this new found hunger keeps him focused in the off season.

He has a lot of promise.