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Lane Kiffin's thoughts on the USC running game

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I can see that many like Lane Kiffin's honesty but I always get a little rankled by these types of statements.

Kiffin had some harsh words about the ground attack. (I’ve underlined them for emphasis.)

"I think that it (the running game) has been something that has been very overrated this season," said Kiffin, about the ground game that looks more impressive than it really is with its 200.5 yards-per-game average that ranks third in the conference.

"We were terrible Saturday night (against Oregon)," said Kiffin, whose Trojans managed just 113 yards on 36 attempts (3.1) in the 53-32 lost to No. 1 Oregon. "As I told our team, we played as bad up front as I’ve seen in my seven years of being here, and we’ve got to go back to practice this week and get a lot better to prove that we are a good running team because right now we are not."

Well, as I discussed this morning, some of that lack of production comes from the O line not playing up to their potential in recent weeks.

There have also been some injuries.

Kiffin thinks that we deserve better. Fine, but do we need this dirty laundry aired out in public?

I am not sure that this is the best way to motivate the players but hey, what do I know...