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Evening Links - Post Notre Dame edition

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As we close the book on the Notre Dame game I wanted to put a few links looking at last nights loss. I have pretty much said all I want on this. This is pretty much a continuation of what many of us observed and commented on throughout this season so I will let you peruse them at your leisure and come to your own conclusions...

No storybook ending for USC - Fox Sports West

CFN Analysis - Notre Dame 20, USC 16

USC's reign over Notre Dame ends in the rain - LA Daily News

USC assistant coach Monte Kiffin talks after losing to ND 11/27/10

USC linebackers come up big against Notre Dame -

It's all slipping away for USC -

Trojans unable to deal final blow to the Fighting Irish | Daily Trojan

Trojans give the Bruins something they can feed on -

Notre Dame ends losing streak against USC -

I have read through some of these...others I haven't yet but I wanted you guys to see them.

I didn't feel like picking through the ND links but the South Bend Tribune gives the best coverage from the ND perspective if you are interested...