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USC 16 Notre Dame 20 the streak ends at 8...

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The defense did their thing tonight. They pressured the QB and created turnovers. They had some issues stopping the run and it showed on Notre Dame's last scoring drive. Even being banged up and thin on the depth chart they hung in there. You can't hang this one on Monte Kiffin.

The offense was once again perplexing.

Kicker Joe Houston scored more points than the USC offense did...That is saying something.

Instead of starting off the game with a few running plays Lane Kiffin threw on the first three plays. Mustain overthrew his first pass and almost had another pass picked off in that first series....Why?

I don't get it...

Why not run the ball? What is he so afraid of in these games? Why does he hamstring this team with his conservative play calling? Kiffin is making it difficult for us to support him when he constantly mismanages the clock and his personnel.

It doesn't matter.

It would be easy to say that we now know why Mitch Mustain was never the starter but that is unfair. Playing on the practice squad while barely getting any real playing time in the last 3 1/2 years what could we have expected?

Of course it wasn't all Mustain's fault our receivers dropped a number of passes...especially RoJo's sure game winning TD right there at the end.

Lets be clear, things are going to get worse with the sanctions really hitting us next year. I am not buying any of the rumors at this point.

I really don't have much more to say.

Feel free to vent...this our post game thread.