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USC Releases Statement on 1st Round's Party(s)

USC released a Statement this evening in regards to the parties that 1st Round set up in May and September 2009.

From The OCR...

From USC vice president for compliance David Roberts (11-22-10):

"Today's media reports about USC student-athletes attending a May 2009 party allegedly sponsored by an NFL player agent and his affiliated company are untrue.

"USC's investigation conducted today revealed that USC student-athletes attended parties in May and September of 2009. One or both of the parties were allegedly put on by a USC student or his affiliated company; however, that student did not become an NFL agent until October of 2010. Both parties were open to all USC students. Our investigation revealed that USC student-athletes who attended the functions paid the same posted cover and refreshment charges that were paid by all attendees."

Tim Tessalone
USC Sports Information Director
Heritage Hall 103

I am satisfied with this end of the issue.

USC got wind of a potential issue, did their due diligence, addressed it quickly and decisively.

That still doesn't address why, after being told by the compliance office not to give any rides to players, Egan did it anyway. As I said in my comment earlier today in the other thread, if Compliance spoke to Egan warning him not to do it we can deduce that Compliance also spoke to the players to wary and not take the ride, yet Dillon Baxter did just that.

Whether or not you agree with the pictures being posted here on CC it potentially helped get the situation resolved quickly.

The new culture over in HH is refreshing.

Moving on...