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USC goes down in Corvallis

Where to be begin...

The complexion of this game changed when Havili was stuffed on fourth and short. It was like the air went out of the balloon.

The defense did a decent job for the most part. Still a lot of soft zone coverage and you could tell as the 2nd half moved on the defense was getting tired.

The offense looked bad from the start. Who knows why...

I am not going to bag on the players and I am not going to bag on Lane Kiffin. What's the point. Either he will fix it or he won't. I guess it just takes time.


Can we now stop all the great talk about Barkley's game. He looks no better than Rob Johnson right now. I am sure he will improve but its time to be realistic.

Barkley continues to struggle. I don't have an answer for it. His throws lacked confidence or they looked liked wounded ducks. And there were a number of throws that went into coverage...obvious coverage that anyone could see and then there was the Pick 6. The DB was spying that play from the moment it started.

He just never looked sharp and then he went out with an injury.

The O line didn't have the intensity like they did last week. They didn't have the push, Barkley and Mustain were both hurried and sacked.

Tyler did his best for not being 100% but he was just not effective and once again Bradford put the ball on the turf...oh, he recovered it and almost got back to the line of scrimmage but he was gone after that, back to the bench. We may never see him regularly again...unless someone gets hurt.

As for Mustain, it was great to see him get a chance but lets be careful here. He hasn't started in 3 years, he doesn't take the majority of the snaps so it should surprise no one that his timing was off. He started off slow but led the team down for a score midway through the 3rd qtr.

CJ Gable on the other hand did give us some spark at times. He made some great runs on that scoring drive.

The penalty bug came back as well this week...bunch of holding calls.

There really isn't much more say.

I had a feeling that 'SC would struggle tonight. Not because it was in Corvallis but because I expected a let down, the team had a poor week of practice and the offense still has issues.

So, that's for tonight.

Time to prepare for ND...

Fire away, this is the post game thread.