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UPDATED w/video - Some Updates on the Dillon Baxter Mess

<em>Egan (center), along with Jordan Campbell, rapper Sam Adams and others in Nantucket earlier this year.</em>
Egan (center), along with Jordan Campbell, rapper Sam Adams and others in Nantucket earlier this year.

Here's an update on the whole Dillon Baxter mess. Per the OC Register:

USC vice president of compliance David M. Roberts confirmed that the agency connected with the Dillon Baxter situation is 1st Round Enterprises, whose Web site lists former Trojans linebacker Jordan Campbell as a partner.

The school is looking into whether 1st Round has had additional contact with other USC players. This is obviously problematic because USC is on NCAA probation.

I'll have more on this developing situation later today.

The name of the student, who initiated contact with Baxter and provided a golf cart ride for him earlier this week is a senior Business student named Teague Egan, according to the OCR.

Egan is a friend of Jordan Campbell and founder of 1st Round Enterprises. Additionally, according to his bio, he has "befriended many athletes on the USC football team."

But there is more.

Eagan, CEO and founder of 1st Round Enterprise, got the idea for the company in Nantucket, Mass., on July 6, 2009. Everson Griffen and Jordan Campbell were subsequently arrested in Nantucket two days later, according to Chris Huston.

We all remember the pics of the guys partying in Nantucket (see: here), so it appears this was where it all came together.

But then there is this, which may be even more irritating. Per Huston:

Legal counsel for 1st Round Sports is Fred Fenster, who is an adjunct professor of law at USC and a long-time agent.

You can't make this stuff up!

Apparently, we now also have a player (now a former one) working as an agent/runner of a fledgling agency with one of USC's Law Professors as their house council.

Go figure.

Welcome to the new age of college football.

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Update #1: Here's a statement from Egan, per Kenny Legan of the Daily Trojan

I'm talking to USC compliance before I talk to anyone. But we did nothing wrong, broke no rules, and have never given any players anything.

Update #2: here is USC's VP of Compliance on the issue...