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Some Quick Thoughts on UCLA-Washington

Sometimes, you don't need well-written jokes to say funny things about UCLA football. Sometimes, you can just use stats. In regards to the Bruins' 24-7 defeat at the hands of Washington in Seattle, I think these should suffice:

  • UCLA turnovers: 3
  • UCLA total offense: 163 yards
  • UCLA quarterbacks 6-of-25, 55 yards
  • Wins shy of bowl eligibility: 2
There aren't many reasons, for optimism to be flowing from the fountains in Westwood. UCLA is a bad football team, that much is clear.

But in many ways, Washington isn't exactly rolling either. The Huskies were winners Thursday night; yet, can anyone, with absolute certainty, say they're any better in year two under Steve Sarkisian?

Jake Locker is a remarkable talent, but against an average UCLA defense, the senior signal caller went just 10-of-21 for 66 yards with an interception. Yet, some NFL team is going to make him a 1st round pick next April. In terms of having a skill set, it's all there, but it's a challenge to find ways in which he improved at all in 2010.

The same, however, could be said about this entire Washington team. Despite 17 returning starters, it appears all the more likely that Washington will be sitting home in December, when over 60 college football teams receive bowl invitations.

Washington, UCLA are textbook examples of Pac-10 bottom-dwellers. That much is evident. It was a sloppy game, with a multitude of turnovers and penalties.

The sad thing: USC actually lost to Washington on Oct. 2. Yes, 'SC lost to these guys.

On a positive note, though: Monte's group is infinitely better than it was Oct. 2.

Feel free to share your thoughts below.