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ESPN's Ted Miller has the quote of the day

This really isn't ground breaking as many here have said the same thing but that it calls out the other leagues on World Wide Leader who have an obvious agenda is refreshing.

Ted Miller hits this one out the park...

Over at the Pac-10, we're grinning. We're about to point out the Pac-10 plays a nine-game conference schedule, which automatically adds five losses to the conference, which, of course, hurts the conference's national perception, not to mention its number of bowl-eligible teams. Every other BCS conference plays eight, other than the eight-team Big East. But that’s not why we're grinning. We're grinning because the Big Ten and the Big 12 will do that soon, and then they'll find out the perception consequence of not giving your entire conference an extra win with a nonconference patsy. Of course, the savvy SEC will continue to play eight conference games, schedule weak nonconference opponents and then trumpet itself as super-awesome.

Again nothing new to many of us but Miller is dead on the money here.

As we have seen in recent years, a nine game conference schedule hurts the Pac-10 in its quest to put a team in the BCS national championship game. The Big 10 and the Big 12 are going to soon find out the pitfalls of what the Pac-10 has been going through for a number of years.

I remember when Mack Brown was all of a sudden in favor of this when they dodged the Pac-16 bullet. The other problem is many teams play patsies, FCS or Div. II schools. adding the extra game will remove one of those cup cake games.

Watch out what you wish for!

It won't be long before the whining will begin...