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Lane Kiffin's Post-UA Conference Call

Kiffin definitely has a spring in his step after Saturday's win.

Here is the link to the Audio.

Here are some notes of the call from WeAreSC.

* Any time you can go on the road against a top 20 team and come away with a win it’s a good thing. I was most pleased with the style of the way we played. It was a physical style, it felt different. In the 2nd half we were able to run the ball consistently, in 46 carries we only had one negative run, that’s a pretty good day. There were some pretty good defensive stops in there too, at one point in the 2nd half we forced three straight punts and a fumble.

* (Barkley limp leg) – On the play where we faked the run left and had him run right when he outran the defensive end, his leg came up lame from that. In fact, we wanted to go to that play later in the game but he said he couldn’t run that far. He’ll be fine. I thought he managed the game really well, 82 plays and only one fluke turnover that wasn’t his fault. To get those kind of results, the quarterback has a lot to do with it.

This really is the most complete game that the team has played this season when you consider that we beat a ranked team, on the road.

We still have some work to do when we face the Beavers in Corvallis, we haven't won in the State of Oregon since 2005, so this gives us something to build on but nothing is a given.