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USC's Bradford to start, Dillon Baxter finally getting it?

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Just a couple of quick thoughts on the offensive side of the ball...

After his career game against UW last week Allen Bradford will get the start tonight. It is much deserved, he put up the numbers last week so he should get the nod.

Bradford was No. 1 on the depth chart at the start of training camp, but he was displaced by junior Marc Tyler, who started four of the first five games, including last week's 32-31 loss against Washington.

Bradford, however, averaged 10.6 yards a carry against the Huskies. He is fourth in the Pacific 10 Conference in rushing, averaging 100 yards a game.

"I never lost the mind-set of being the starter," Bradford said. "I just told myself to keep working, to keep pushing at it."

That is the best attitude he could have.

Just keep pushing...

We are going to need some bruising runs by Bradford tonight. For the most part, I trust the running game. I am still nervous about Barkley because he still isn't showing me consistent finesse. He can zip it, he can fire it out of a cannon but the two passes we needed to seal last weeks game were both finesse passes.

Stanford's run defense has some issues so 'SC should be able to gain some yardage...the question is will it be enough?

As was noted in the FanShots, Dillon Baxter, may be finally getting can't do it on talent alone.

"I've been going through the motions," Baxter said, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. "Since I've gotten here I haven't given my full effort."

Baxter had only one carry for a 1-yard loss in the Trojans' 32-31 loss to Washington Saturday. After a strong spring, the freshman was expected to contribute significantly at running back and kick returner.

Now, he's become an afterthought in coach Lane Kiffin's schemes.

"I just think I need to work harder," Baxter said, according to the newspaper. "I was being [stubborn]. It seemed like the last couple weeks, especially, my effort lacked."

The days of mailing it on this USC team are over.

Everyone needs to pull their share of the load, that includes Baxter. Baxter has become a bit of an afterthought because he isn't giving it 100% and so he doesn't play or plays very little.

I am not interested in hearing that Baxter may be the next Reggie Bush. I don't care how much talent he has. The team only want results from hard work and dedication.

We shall see if he really has received the message...