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USC Falls to Oregon 53-32

I refuse to not support this team.

This outcome should not surprise anyone...not with the depth issues we have on defense.They just didn't have enough.

Am I disappointed?


But I am not going to throw anyone one under the bus tonight. Not Barkley, not Kiffin, not the defense...not anyone.

That we were within striking distance at the half made me hopeful but the Ducks just have too much and our depth on defense just couldn't help us. I am not going to get all worked up on what some may call a conservative game plan...the boards are already on fire pissing and moaning about Kiffin and the lack of fire on defense...did anyone think we really turned the corner against Cal?

Heck, they lost to the Beavers today...

That being said...Monte Kiffin's defense is no match for this type of offense. Not without depth and experience. Two things we are seriously lacking.

Complaining that Kennard should moved back to DE or other such complaints is pointless. This team is in the wilderness in some areas and it is just going to take time to fix. I could go on but it is just not worth it...there is just too much to over come right now...

So it's onto next week and then the week after that. No point in getting worked up over it right now. I would just prefer to support the team no matter what.

Feel free to leave your rants or complaints here.

This is our post game thread...