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Notre Dame's Kerry Neal cheap shots Navy's John Howell

Watch this video first...

Here is ND Coach Brian Kelly's response...

Notre Dame linebacker Kerry Neal appeared to stomp Navy slotback John Howell on the abdomen in his team's 35-17 loss on Saturday, but will face no punishment for the play.

A video clip of the play has gone viral on the Internet. Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly briefly addressed it Tuesday at his news conference, saying he had seen it but did not think the play needed to be dealt with.

Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo said in a phone interview Tuesday he saw the play when he reviewed the tape. Niumatalolo did not see it in real time.

"Football’s an emotional game. I’m sure he’s a great young man," Niumatalolo said. "He probably wishes it didn’t happen. That’s as far as I’ll go. Our guys have moved on."

They moved on because they won.

Meanwhile, ND fans and it sounds like some coaches want to point fingers at Navy's blocking techniques.

Typical whining when you were owned. Navy came out with a totally different offense and ND had no answers...or adjustments.

Of course Kelly won't take any action...he needs every available body on the field...

If you want to a few laughs head on over to any of the ND boards...they are ready to slit their wrists with butter knives.