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R. Jay Soward goes on the record on HBO Real Sports

HBO emailed me a heads up today on tonight's program.

Here is an excerpt..

BERNIE GOLDBERG: "Do you suppose Josh Luchs is the only sports agent around-- see you're smiling already. So I think you-- you know where I'm going with this."

R. JAY SOWARD: "Yeah."

BERNIE GOLDBERG: "That was paying college kids while they were playing?"

R. JAY SOWARD: "Not at all. Not at all. I mean people are probably doing it everywhere. Somebody's probably taking some money right now. You know, we should do a statistic on that. Every five minutes a college kid is taking money from an agent."

SOWARD: "Funny story, me and my roommates, we had – some pizza guy just happened to be lost. And one of my roommates went up to the car and started talking to him. And I went around and I took the pizza."

GOLDBERG: "You took the pizza to be wiseasses or …"

SOWARD: "We took the pizza cause we were hungry."

GOLDBERG: "So Josh Luchs comes along and says, ‘I got money.’ You say?"

SOWARD: "Let me have some. I could really use it right now. Let’s show R. Jay a little bit of love."

This should be an interesting interview...