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USC looks to spread it around next season

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It really doesn't matter now for this season but 'SC may make some changes to the offense next season..

USC coach Lane Kiffin said Thursday the Trojans could switch to a spread offense next season because of the lack of fullbacks on the roster and scholarship limitations.

"There's already a concern and movement as you look at our roster right now," Kiffin said. "We could end up being a spread offense here. That may be what we need to go.

"Look at what we have, we've got a bunch of really good receivers and backs and tight ends. We'll have to make the best of whatever we are dealt."

I am fine with it...whatever works.

Just like many have been saying about the defense this season, if you don't have the players to match your scheme adjust the scheme to match the talent you have.

The spread has been in favor for a number of years now. It is what many HS players are used to so it really shouldn't be a big deal to adjust the scheme to advantage of the talent we already have.

Just do whatever works.