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USC 31 UW 32

Joey will have the complete game recap later or tomorrow but I wanted to put a few thoughts out there...

I feel terrible for the effort that Allen Bradford gave and not have this team win the game.

The Defense still has a long way to go and I think it will get worse before it gets better. Monte Kiffin has said that the defense is still learning the basics of the system. I'm not sure if I buy into that completely, Monte is going to have to explain why after five games that they still miss assignments and miss tackles. Maybe the players aren't as good as we think.

Depth is an issue at LB and while I am happy with the D line they have some depth issues also, they were gassed at the end.

I don't usually complain about play calling but that last series where Barkley threw on 3rd and 4 was perplexing. Heck why not just run it twice. We eating up chunks of yards on them for a good portion of the night why not just keep with what was working. We clearly don't have a kicker so why put it in his hands? In fact I would have rather turned it over on downs trying to score a TD than let ANY kicker determine the outcome of the game. this is not a problem that Baxter can fix.

Barkley made some great throws and some poor throws...its time to accept him for what he is...a true sophomore QB who is still progressing. Yes, he is very mature for his age and he is a team leader but he isn't all that yet. He probably gives us the best chance to win but some of those high throws have to be on target.

I loved the O line tonight...they blew some holes open for the running game.

Not a fan of the wildcat but its here to stay.

Didn't see a lot of the receivers tonight but it was clear that the plan was to run it...

Anyway, that what I see. Going to get worse before it gets better after what I saw tonight with Stanford and Oregon...

Fell free to add your thoughts.