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Washington vs. USC 2nd Half Open Thread

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Some observations...

I like that we are running the ball well. I am not a fan of the wildcat but I know its just one of those things that is here to stay. Bradford has the hot hand for the most part. We need to see more of him. Tyler has been effective as well.

Barkley has made some nice throws...Ausberry had 2 nice catches.

The penalties are still troublesome.

Our Defense is really showing their inexperience in the secondary, though it is hard to argue that Shareece Wrights play on Locker swung the momentum back in our favor. The Defensive line is getting some pressure but UW is still able to move the ball almost at will.

I am frustrated that BYU and Nebraska were able to shut these guys down but we can' I said inexperience is showing.

There is still a lot of football to play...