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BlogPoll Ballot Week #8 - DRAFT

We played a little bit with this weeks ballot...I know where some of you will complain. So, lets see what you guys think.

#1 Boise St. - We could have put Oregon or Oklahoma here but we thought what the heck. On a serious note though, the Beavers loos to UW hurts Boise. They won't stay at #1 as the schedule game will clip them.

#2 Oregon - Like I said you can flip flop any of the three. I do not expect for the Ducks to look past the baby blues to keep an eye on 'SC the following week. First time being voted #1 in the AP poll will not be taken lightly by the ducks.

#3 Oklahoma - Their signature win is against FSU but they have a ton experience issues on defense.

#4 TCU - They just keep rolling along along underneath the radar.

#5 Auburn – In case you were wondering whether Auburn’s offense was as good as advertised; try this, the Tigers scored 65 points on a top-25 Arkansas team, and its Tim Tebow-esque dual threat quarterback Cam Newton accounted for 4 touchdowns. Nick Saban and company may have a legitimate challenger for state supremacy after all. But they have to win the Iron Bowl to shake the also-ran tag.

#6 Alabama - Ho Hum...they are still lurking out there.

#7 Michigan State – Sparty may have struggled in a narrow 26-6 win over a .500 team in Illinois, but Wisconsin’ home win over then-No. 1 Ohio State makes Michigan State’s victory over the Badgers last week look all the more impressive. Don't get too comfortable with Sparty yet...

# 8 LSU - The Showdown is coming...what will Loud Mouth Les pull out of his hat?

#9 Utah – Granted, Boise State and TCU may be getting most of the love, as the two remaining undefeated non-BCS teams, but the Utes are quietly putting together an impressive 2010 campaign of their own, with yet another high-scoring output (30 points against conference rival Wyoming).

# 10 Ohio State - Pryor once again shows he is not quite ready for prime time.