R. Jay Soward comes clean


R. Jay Soward apparently went on the Mason and Ireland show on ESPN radio yesterday and admitted that he had in fact taken money from Josh Luchs while he was in school. The crux of his comments were that he did it, he knew it was wrong, and he concealed it from family, team, and coaching staff members. Soward then went on to point out that if the money changing hands is small dollar amounts, it's his opinion that it's indicative of players trying to get a bit more spending money as opposed to completely cash in... and that a modest increase in players' monthly stipends would probably resolve most of the issue at a single stroke. While I'm disappointed that Soward took the money, I suppose it's some consolation that he didn't try the "I'll be vindicated when the facts come out" line that worked so well for Reggie Bush. And I suspect that his common sense suggestion will get drowned out in a bellow of outrage, but it's probably worth trying.

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