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Open Game Thread: Cal comes to USC for a collision of squad weaknesses

USC is trying to avoid a three game losing streak. Cal wants their first win for Tedford at the Coliseum. The teams are evenly matched, so the common supposition is that the result will come down to which squad's weakness is less evident: will Cal be able to get a good passing game together and pick on USC's secondary, or will SC be able to hold onto the ball and score against a Cal defense that's looked good against lesser but broadly conventional offenses?

Myself, I'm curious to see how this Robert Woods experiment on defense goes. It makes a lot sense in theory, let's see how it works in practice.

LA Times and OC Register story links for the day:

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As for participating in this, I'm afraid that Paragon's out of town and I'm at the office working today, and it's not clear whether Megacorp throttles sites like, so don't think that a lack of comments equates to a lack of interest. I've got my fingers crossed already.

Fight On! Beat the Bears!