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It is not a is karma!

Sometimes you just have to chuckle.

I am always amused at peoples conspiracy theories.

We have our fair share on the USC side with the issues of being penalized more than other teams. I can see where some of that might be legit but it is what it is.

But then there are times when you have to do a double take and just shake your head.

That is why I got a chuckle out of this...

Nestor warned us.

He warned the coaches too, and that was four months ago:

If I were CRN and other UCLA coaches and officials right now, I'd be on extra alert. The Trojans are going to be in an all out hunt to look for any missteps from UCLA coaches and players. We saw this happen in 2001. UCLA was in the hunt for big season (we were the program to beat at that time coming off 20 win streak seasons and great recruiting classes) when a Trojan fan leaked the DeShaun Foster/SUV story to the local press. Unlike U$C* UCLA didn't get the benefit of the doubt from the Trojan Times and rest of the Southern California's traditional media (neutered by the Trojan hype machine). We got blown up in the press, the community and nationally. Our alumni and fanbase unlike theirs demanded accountability and almost immediately soured on Toledo. We never recovered.

We have been through this before, and it is happening again. If you think that the timing of all this negative press about UCLA is a coincidence, you are sorely mistaken. This is a calculated and coordinated attack meant to create unrest among the fans and put pressure on UCLA, which as an institution is very much sensitive to public outrage, unlike that school over there.

Nestor has already exposed the main outlet for these attacks, namely the hacks at the U$C Times and the OC "Does Not" Register.

But there is a far more insidious and treacherous pawn in these machinations.

He is kidding, right?

Well, if nothing it fits...

UCLA isn't even relevant right now, so the OP thinks that 'SC would waste valuable time worrying about UCLA?

Let me just cut to the chase and not try to dissect the above...and you're wasting your time if you try yourself.

This one is easy.




Slick Rick tempted the football gods with all of his posturing, his pep talks at halftime at Pauley Pavillion, his constant obsession with USC and his painful end of game speeches at the Rose Bowl. You gotta win something before opening your mouth

Pete Carroll had the press eating out of his hand until the infamous meltdown over Mark Sanchez bolting for the NFL.

He opened up practices, he had some fun with the players and staff and he always came off as genuine..nee happy go lucky.

Can you see Slick Rick doing a Game Day Commercial? (here and here)

The monopoly is over!!


He is forcing it. He is the kid in school who is always trying to get know a regular Arnold Horshack.

So, when you couple his players getting into trouble along with the putrid performance on the field the football gods just rain fury down.

I guess he can't help himself. It is clear that he hired Norm Chow just to piss USC fans off because they clearly haven't performed on the field under Chow.

All these moves are about PR.

I get it all programs have problems but its not like Slick Rick is an angel. He is a known liar and has been officially sanctioned by the NCAA for his numerous recruiting violations. I don't care how some bruin fans try to spin it...the NCAA who nailed 'SC is the same NCAA who nailed Slick Rick. They are an equal opportunity hammer.

That the MSM up and down the west coast is now calling him out is all about not taking care of job first.

Do that and all the other stuff falls into place, then you can talk S**T.

Neuheisel is making Dorrell look like Vince Lombardi. As bad as Dorrell was he had a decent record and very few of his players got into trouble, Medlock and two players who I can remember from a house party are the only ones I can remember.

I am still laughing...

A mole in the UCLA athletic department....?!

One from USC???

Child Please!!!!