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BlogPoll Ballot Week 7 - Draft

So, the first domino falls...

1. Ohio State - We put tOSU at #1 after their win against Indiana who was never in the game.

2. Boise St. - It’s easy to discount the Broncos due to their schedule and conference affiliation, but back-to-back weeks of 59 and 57 points can be awfully hard to overlook. BSU also allowed just a combined 14 points in both contests.

3. Oregon - I wasn't surprised that Oregon won...but I was surprised that they gave up 23 points to WSU. QB Darron Thomas left the game with a shoulder injury but should return next week.

4. Nebraska - They are gearing up for their showdown with Texas after coming off a great win against previously unbeaten Kansas St.

5. TCU - After crushing Wyoming that is their first back-yo-back shutout in 55 years.

6. Oklahoma - Bye week.

7. Auburn - Squeaks by Kentucky. Were they looking ahead to Arkansas?

8. South Carolina - Hey they beat Alabama! They deserve to be in the Top 10.

9. Utah - I turned my head for two seconds and they score 60+!

10. Alabama - That was a very tough loss for the 'tide. I hope Finebaum enjoys his dish of Crow!

Give us your thoughts!