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USC's Dillon Baxter finally makes a showing

After it was revealed this past week that Dillon Baxter was not giving it 100% in practice over the past few weeks, Baxter finally scored his first touchdown and almost threw for another (it was Tyler, not D-Bax...sorry) in last nights loss to Stanford.

Baxter has had a rough start while at USC. From his immaturity off the field with some recreational drug use or his embellishing the story of being contacted by a number of schools when the NCAA handed down their ruling to his reprimand by Lane Kiffin with his father present many were beginning to wonder if Baxter was worth it.

There is no question that the kid is a tremendous talent.

There is no question that he can be a game breaker...another potent weapon in USC's explosive offense.

But does he have it between the ears?

Last night Lane Kiffin gave Baxter a little more responsibility in last nights game...

USC running back Dillon Baxter finally scored his first touchdown in USC's 37-35 loss to No. 16 Stanford on Saturday night at Stanford Stadium.

Baxter scored on an eight-yard run in the first quarter after taking a direct snap. His run gave USC a 7-0 lead.

Baxter had a hand in 79 touchdowns last season as a senior at San Diego Mission Bay High, but he was off to a slow start at USC.

Coach Lane Kiffin suspended Baxter for the opener at Hawaii for violating team rules.

Baxter got only one carry in USC's 32-31 loss to Washington on Oct. 2, but he had his best week of practice last week.

Looks like the light bulb went off in his head.

That throw to Havili that just went beyond Havili's finger tips shows he has a place in this offense.

I'm not sure how the game would have turned out had Havili scored on that play but that was a great play and now teams are going to have to keep that in mind when they sell out for the run.

Just another bright spot on the offense that is being over shadowed by the ineffective USC defense.