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USC's Stanley Havili looks for redemption

Last years game against UW was painful for many reasons...too numerous to list.

USC could have and should have won that game. You can probably point to numerous issues but there was one that stood out to me...

Stanley Havili's fumble.

‘SC was driving for a score. Had they scored it would changed the complexion of the game. It would have put more pressure on Jake Locker to get into the endzone and not just drive the Huskies down for a game winning field goal. While the offense sputtered for a good portion of the game committing two other turnovers, it looked like things were coming together on that drive. The defense did a decent job of holding UW to just 13 points before they kicked the field goal.

It all came down to that fumble.

And Havili hasn't forgotten it either...

"Obviously, my turnover was a big problem," Havili said Tuesday as the Trojans began preparations for Saturday's Pacific 10 Conference game against the Huskies at the Coliseum.

You can be that Havili is bound and determined to redeem himself tomorrow.

Havili has been one of USC's most important players in USC's important that Lane Kiffin used him sparingly in the first to games of the season. We saw more of him against Minnesota but he really exploded last week.

After last weeks performance against WSU you can bet that Havili will get a big workload against UW tomorrow. With so much talent on offense it is easy to sometimes forget about Havili and his value.

On a side note, here is Havili being interviewed on Petros and Money...