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Matt Hayes - Master of the Obvious

You gotta love Matt Hayes.

I mean heck if it is this easy to write a piece I wonder if I could get a job writing the Sporting News...

Five reasons why USC won't recover from losing Pete Carroll

2. Recruiting won't be the same

Somehow, year after year, Carroll was able to convince five-star recruits to come to USC and compete with other five-star recruits. Or better yet, sit and wait their turn behind other five-star recruits. His "win forever" mantra and hip way of reaching teenagers brought elite players to USC despite the underlying negatives: The facilities aren't among the best in the Pac-10, the stadium is a dump, and the campus—despite its history and beauty—isn't exactly in the most desirable area of Los Angeles. Remember that many of Carroll's All-Americans had to be convinced to leave home.

3. Rick Neuheisel

This is the break UCLA needed. There are too many positives, and the Bruins have made too many recruiting strides in three seasons with Neuheisel, for this program not to blossom. It likely would've happened with Carroll at USC; now it will get there quicker. Don't underestimate Neuheisel's ability to recruit—and don't underestimate how much easier it will be without Carroll's indomitable presence at every city high school. It's all about procuring players, and Neuheisel already was winning a handful of head-to-head battles with Carroll. It wasn't that long ago that UCLA won eight straight in the series (1991-98) and owned Los Angeles.


Gee, Ya' Think?

There will never be another coach like Pete Carroll. That includes his beloved Urban Meyer. No one can replicate let alone replace what Pete Carroll has done in his 9 years at USC.

As for Slick Rick...I don't discount that he can recruit but his teams are always soft. Go back and look at his final two years at both UW and Colorado...with all of his recruits.

I wonder what type of obituary Hayes will write when Meyer leaves?

You can bet it will be a tear filled wonder...